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TDD meets Heads of e-Learning

By Clive Young, on 29 November 2011

At the Driving Internal Change: internal approaches to digital literacies seminar at the University of Bath last week, organised by the Heads of e-Learning Forum. Several excellent presentations from projects the JISC Digital Literacies programme, including of course The Digital Department. Spotted this unusual photograph of me doing my presentation on the blog of Digital Literacies as a Postgraduate Attribute, another DigiLit project.

Martin Oliver took the photo and explains: “In case you’re wondering, the odd “over-the-shoulder” gazes are because there are screens on two sides of the room, with an elliptical table in the middle. That in itself is interesting; it makes doing a talk really hard, because if you stand up so you’re visible, you’re always behind someone”. Indeed an odd layout but a very interesting event.

I was reminded though how innovative and maybe challenging The Digital Department really is. Some colleagues were certainly sceptical of the advisability or even capacity of their administrators to take on more proactive roles but others were much more supportive and had noted similar changes in their institutions.

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