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The Digital Department


Developing digital literacies for teaching administrators


Second TA workshop

By Clive Young, on 9 November 2011

In the second of our TA meetings over a dozen attendees explored the AUA professional behaviours and how they relate to both the day-to-day work of participants and the digital literacies identified in the first workshop. A full report will follow. Clive also introduced various certification options and the idea to start the certification process early in 2012, rather than wait until the second half or the project. Lorraine discussed the eight case study areas we wanted to concentrate on and asked for volunteers to participate and even lead these ‘mini-projects’. The eight areas are;

  1. Support of UCL students overseas
  2. Distance Learning .
  3. VLE e.g. Moodle / Moodle 2
  4. Assessment and feedback
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Student tracking from student to alumni
  7. Communications and social media
  8. Internal operations – e.g finance.

In addition we want to look at the whole issue of CPD, what kind of certification is appropriate and how CPD can be integarted into workloads and review processes.

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