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NUS “New Technology in Higher Education” Charter highlights admin role

By Clive Young, on 11 October 2011

The National Union of StudentsCharter on Technology in Higher Education, published in August this year aims to set out “best practice for the use of technology in higher education, for teaching & learning and how technology can improve the student experience“. The idea is that students and their respective student unions will use the Charter to make sure technology is high on the institutional agenda so that “graduates are equipped and ready for the 21st century environment“.

The 10 points of the charter cover; clear ICT strategy, staff development, training and support for staff and students, accessibility, online administration, linking technology-enhanced learning and employability, investment in using technology to enhance learning and teaching, research into student demand and finally that technologies should enhance teaching and learning but not be used as a replacement to existing effective practice.

Online administration is of course an interesting focus with regard to our The Digital Deprtment project. More specifically the Charter says “Administration should be made more accessible through the use technology, including e-submission, feedback and course management“. It continues “The use of technology in institutional administration will simplify and improve assessment, feedback, registration and module selection. Technology should also be utilised to support effective communications within institutions for both students and staff“. Very much the emphasis of the project and good to hear these views expressed so clearly from representatives of the student body.

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