Changes to Student Finance’s Childcare Grant in 2019/20

Changes to Student Finance’s Childcare Grant in 2019/20

Applications and payment for Student Finance’s Childcare Grant are changing in academic year 2019/20.

Previously, students were required to complete a paper form that estimated their childcare costs and then update Student Finance with their actual costs. Student Finance paid the student directly who then paid the childcare provider.

From 2019/20 onwards, students will apply online and their childcare provider will be paid directly via an online portal.

The new system will work like this:

  1. You apply for Childcare Grant online alongside your main Student Finance application
  2. Student Finance will use your household income and number of children to work out how much Childcare Grant you can get. You’ll get a letter confirming this amount
  3. You’ll then get an email inviting you to register on the Childcare Grant Payment System (CCGPS) online portal. The amount of grant you’ve been awarded will show up as a balance on your account.
  4. The childcare provider will then request payment via the portal. If the amount is correct you can approve this payment. The payment will be taken from your Childcare Grant balance and paid directly to the childcare provider.


If you want to receive the Childcare Grant in 2019/20, you can apply for student finance, including Childcare Grant, now.

More information on the Childcare Grant can be found on the .gov website

If you encounter difficulties with applying for or receiving your Childcare Grant, you can contact for support.