What is the Amos Bursary?

What is the Amos Bursary?

The Amos Bursary, is an organisation which helps academically able British young men of African and Caribbean heritage, from schools and colleges in London to achieve their ambitions. The evening and weekend professional and personal development programmes ensure that students are fully equipped to make informed and appropriate choices for their futures.

They work in partnership with volunteers and organisations to prepare students to tackle the challenges they will encounter. They focus on building self-confidence, self-belief and social skills to enhance employability. Through a range of networking opportunities, they have access to Inspirational and motivational speakers as well as international work related experiences. Students are encouraged to be flexible in their thinking and approach to work and how to face the unknown with confidence and enthusiasm. The Amos Bursary provides the best social and ‘people’ skills to achieve successful performance while at university and enhance their ability to thrive in a competitive world in the students chosen career pathway.

Central to the student success, it is paramount to offer students life changing opportunities and a mentoring service which offers each student a peer and professional mentor for five years.

Those selected for the UCL Amos Bursary will receive £1,000 for the duration of their studies. We have up to five awards.

Who should apply?

10 Reasons to apply to the Amos Bursary 

Year 12 and year 13 British male students of African and Caribbean descent who are bright, ambitious students who have excelled in their GCSE’s and are expected to achieve good grades at A level.

Find out more about our selection criteria and how to apply to become an Amos Bursary year 12 student here.

Comments about the Amos Bursary

‘Polished, polite, articulate, confident, powerful and intelligent are just a some of the words that come to mind when we think of the students.’

Jennifer Dee, Director of Integrated Production – McCann Health USA

“The Amos Bursary is more than just a development programme to me. We are a family here and truly our brothers’ keeper. The support and the environment we have here breeds and nurtures talented leaders of the future. Inspiration, motivation and excellence does not lack here.”

Kenny Imafidon, Graduate, Director, Clearview Research

“Without the support of my mentors, I would never have had the confidence to read law at Warwick University and begin my first job in a graduate position at Thomson Reuters.”

Ryan Clarke, Law Graduate Thomson Reuters

“The experience that our corporate sponsors provide is unparalleled. We gain an insight into cutting edge organisations and develop our commercial and technical knowledge of business, law and finance.”

Victor Azubuike, Warwick University

“My internship was indeed an invaluable experience which I will use to enhance my future career. It was definitely one of the most appropriate programmes for the actuarial sector and I now know that I would really like to pursue a career as an actuary.”

Damon Ying, UCL

“I spent three months assisting with the PROLIFICA project in the Gambia. I visited orphanages and taught basic English and Math to children who would not get any form of education.”

James Frater, UCL

“My mentor encouraged me to become part of the Streetgames network. I am now volunteering and representing the charity.”

Marvin Olivier-Mfumu , Southampton University

Please contact the Student Funding team by emailing studentfunding@ucl.ac.uk.