Access Opportunity Scholarship

UCL Student Funding Office are pleased to announce the rollout of our new scholarship for 2017-2018 entry, the Access Opportunity Scholarship. We are working collaboratively with ‘Just for Kids Law’ (#younggiftedandblocked) and the Helena Kennedy Foundation Article 26, who provide support, advice and legal representation to young people in difficulty. The purpose of this funding is to provide scholarship funding to those who are unable to access the statutory Student Finance support because of their immigration status.

UCL has pledged £500,000 over next three academic years, which offers two prospective students, full tuition fees and a living allowance of £10,750 for the normal duration of their chosen programme of study.

This scholarship is not programme-specific and open to prospective undergraduate students across all UCL departments. The award is determined principally upon being ineligible for student support.

If you are interested in applying for the ‘Access Opportunity Scholarship’, please visit

Application for 2017-2018 entry is now open and will remain open until Friday, 28 July 2017, 18:00 (UK time).