Lloyds Scholarships offer more than financial reward

The Lloyds Scholars Programme is a partnership between leading UK universities and the Lloyds Banking Group, aiming to encourage academically excellent students from low-income families to pursue their studies at top universities. The unique funding programme offers an annual bursary of £1,000, with additional financial support based on academic achievement, a component involving volunteer work, plus paid internships and a business mentor.

Jennifer DicksonThe one-hundred hours of volunteer work that scholars are required to complete each year provides rewarding, CV-bolstering experience. BASc Arts & Sciences student Jennifer Dickson (left) explains “I found out about FoodCycle through the volunteering work my brother did at university. FoodCycle is a charity that tackles food waste, food poverty, and social isolation. We pick up food that would have been wasted, cook it into a delicious three-course meal and share it with the community. I got involved in FoodCycle as I love to cook! I’m also passionate about the environment and hate food waste. Therefore this is the perfect opportunity to do something about it. I get the chance to cook fantastic food, usually with some quality ingredients donated by Planet Organic that I can’t usually buy on a student budget, and share it with others.”

Volunteering also benefits the scholars themselves. Jennifer says “I am also involved with the charity GoodGym – a charity all about doing good whilst getting fit! With GoodGym it was more about wanting to get back into running. I have always enjoyed myself. Never been a dull moment. GoodGym contacted me to ask if I would be able to promote the charity on Radio 1, so myself and another young lady from the charity met with the radio DJ Greg James and we were interviewed whilst doing a mission. It was so much fun and feels great to be able to get the word out about the organisation. I think that this has been so fantastic because only moving into London this year, I knew nothing about what was going on.”

Sorcha Ince, also studying BASc Arts & Sciences, says “due to my schedule I do volunteering with a large range of organisations as opposed to just one. I volunteered at London’s Light Festival, Lumiere, I’ve chopped up fruit and veg on Rainbow Day at Notting Hill market, I’ve painted, gardened and so much more. I choose any volunteer project that fits with my timetable, regardless of what it is. I just want to help out and have fun in the process! Volunteering at Lumiere London was an incredible experience, surrounding by such amazing art and getting to speak (albeit briefly) to one of the artist groups was great. Each time I’ve volunteered I’ve met really fantastic people which is one of the best things about doing it.”

Lana LubkoLana Lubko (right), who is currently in the first year of a BSc in Statistics, Economics and Finance believes “it is absolutely worth it! No one truly realises the lengths to which Lloyds is willing to go for you, before they join the program. It can become your second family, if you are willing to make it one. It was exciting to meet and work with people who are passionate about what they do. I can ask my mentor questions both related to the program and not. It is great to know you always have a professional person you can ask for advice.”

There are currently over 40 Lloyds Bursary holders at UCL volunteering at charities, hospitals and other institutions alongside their study. At just over 2.5 hours per week, it’s a great way to develop professionally and personally while giving back to the local community. We expect 15 new Lloyds scholars to be selected this summer to begin their degrees in September. The deadline for application is Friday 27 May, please follow this link for more information: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/scholarships/undergraduate/Lloyds_Bursary