Top Tips for applying to Undergraduate funding at UCL

The UCL Undergraduate Funding Awards close to new applications on July 10, 2015. With the deadline looming, we asked our undergraduate team to run down thier top tips for applying for funding at UCL:

  1. Check your department for funding too

Your academic department may offer scholarships specifically for the subject you will study that are not included on the Student Funding scholarship pages – it is always worth inquiring about this.

  1. Make a realistic budget

Keeping an eye on your finances and planning ahead are key – you may not be able to rely on your family to cover shortfalls.

  1. Apply now to all eligible scholarships

As long as you have applied to UCL you do not have to wait for your offer; you can apply now to all of the funding that you are eligible for.

  1. Check your application!

Make sure everything is completed (write N/A if a question is not applicable) and include all requested documents.

  1. Read the Guidance Notes

Our Guidance Notes are there to help and explain what is required by each question and also the copies of the documents that you must supply with your application. If you’re unsure about anything in the application form, check the Guidance Notes

  1. Double check your eligibility!

You must meet all essential criteria – there is not room for flexibility.

  1. Stay relevant

If a personal statement asks you for information about your financial circumstances, then academic achievements are not relevant – and vice versa.

  1. Be honest!

Be as open and honest as you can about your circumstance. Further proof will be requested, so please do not exaggerate.

Good luck with your application to UCL!

The Undergradute Funding Awards close to application on Friday 10 July, 2015. For more information on eligibilty and application procedures, please see our webpage: