New Doctoral School Fellowships

After twenty very successful years that haveĀ  delivered significant benefits to the University, the UCL Graduate School has recently been transformed into the all new Doctoral School. As a result of this change, the financial aid being offered to UCL’s research graduates has also been re-launched as the Doctoral School Fellowships.

These fellowships aim to support research students who are unable to complete their degree without some form of financial assistance. The awards are open to current UCL graduate students from any country and from any UCL department who are able to demonstrate that their circumstances have changed since registration such that, due to unforeseen difficulties, they are unable to complete their research due to their financial situation. Students’ Head of Department must apply for the fellowship on a students behalf.

For more details, please see our Doctoral School Fellowships webpage.


More information on the announcement of the Doctoral School can be found on the main UCL website.