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Unit for Stigma Research


Sharing initiatives and insights


2. Writing for the blog

Writing for the blog

Why contribute to the blog?

  1. Encourage dialogue about the impact of stigma and discrimination on people’s lives
  2. Widen the impact of your research and/or practical efforts
  3. Reach audiences across the globe
  4. Give voice to the perspective of self-advocates and their family members

What we want

  1. Contributions of around 600-800 words
  2. Information, initiatives and other news related to UCLUS’ central aim
  3. Personal experiences
  4. Experiences of supporting a friend or family member
  5. Reflections on research findings

We do not publish

ˣ Information about Fundraising attempts

ˣ Information about Events external to UCL

How to submit your blog post?

By email to: k.scior@ucl.ac.uk

When you submit your blog post, please tell us a little bit about yourself such as your name, role and organisation (if applicable), and state whether you’re happy to have all or part of this information published (or not) as part of your post. We also encourage you to submit a picture of yourself and ideally one picture relating to the blog post.

What happens once you’ve sent us your blog post?

> We aim to get back to you within four weeks at the latest.

> We will review your post and may need to edit it. Any edits we make will be shared with you for you to approve before we publish.

> We are not always able to publish every blog post, but we do read all submissions carefully and will get back to you if we decide that your post is not suitable.

> We aim to give you at least 24 hours’ notice before we share your blog on our website or via social media.

> Once we’ve published your blog post, you can choose to receive an alert when someone posts a comment.

> We moderate all the comments as they come in, but if you’re ever worried about this, just email our team.