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Unit for Stigma Research


Sharing initiatives and insights


1. Welcome to our blog

Our blog is dedicated to creating a conversation around stigma research. We post work that crosses traditional boundaries as we transcend disciplines and stigmatised conditions, with a particular focus on stigma associated with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health problems, and dementia.

Here, we will share insights based on our and others’ research, information about initiatives and other news – all related to our central aim – to advance our understanding of stigma and challenge prejudice and discrimination experienced by members of stigmatised groups. One strand of UCLUS research work, which will feature in this blog, concerns the impact of disclosure of mental health problems and of a dementia diagnosis as routes to reducing stress resulting from a perceived need for secrecy and challenging stigma. 

We extend a warm invitation for contributions from colleagues, organisations, individuals with intellectual disabilities, mental health problems and dementia. If you wish to share information about relevant research, practical efforts or events with the world, please get in touch: k.scior@ucl.ac.uk or laurie.poole@ucl.ac.uk.