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The Covid-19 pandemic and people with learning disabilities: Celia and Adrian’s story | By Michaela Osborne and Celia and Adrian Brown

By m.osborne, on 13 October 2020

Video call with Adrian and Celia

Celia Brown (top left), Michaela Osborne and Adrian Brown

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused the UK population to live in uncertainty, fear and isolation. A national and global emergency brings with it new challenges, but for people with learning disabilities, many of these challenges already exist as a result of unequal access to health, social care and education. A system that does not meet the needs of people with learning disabilities before a pandemic, is not well placed to meet them in the event of one.

The experiences of two self-advocates with learning disabilities, Adrian and Celia Brown, husband and wife, illustrate just this. Adrian and Celia shared their Covid-19- related story after coming through the other side safe and well. (more…)