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‘Standing up for Myself’ (STORM) –now recruiting participants to take part in a new group programme for people with learning disabilities

By UCL ID Stigma Blog, on 14 July 2017

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Our research team at UCL have developed a new psychosocial group intervention aimed at helping people with learning disabilities feel good about themselves, say no to bad attitudes and actions, and speak up for themselves.

This project is based on evidence that attitudes are becoming more positive but that people with learning disabilities still frequently experience prejudice because of their disability and can be the targets of negative and undermining actions within their social circles and the wider community.

‘Standing up for Myself’ (STORM), a 4-session group programme, consists of filmed first-hand testimonials by people with learning disabilities, discussions and practical exercises. STORM is designed to improve participants’ self-esteem and ability to stand up for themselves when facing negative attitudes and interactions and to offer an interactive, enjoyable way of tackling a sensitive topic.

We are looking to recruit organisations/services who work with groups of people with learning disabilities (aged 16 or over) – this could be educational, social or activity based groups – who are interested in piloting the programme with one of their existing groups from September 2017 onwards. All resources, a session-by-session guide, and expert support will be provided. All groups who take part in the programme will be offered £100 towards their group/activity fund as a token of appreciation.

Our research team ran a stall promoting the project at Mencap Big Day Out in London on Thursday 22nd June. The stall generated interest from many groups from various parts of the UK, who were attending the event to celebrate Learning Disability Week 2017

If you are interested in taking part, please contact the project lead, Katrina Scior (k.scior@ucl.ac.uk), and she will provide further details on the project both for your information and to share with your group members.

By Sophini Logeswaran, UCL

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