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Top 3 tips for incoming MPA students

By fredrikskippervold, on 2 September 2020

Fredrik Johan Skippervold is a UCL MPA Graduate within Digital Technologies and Policy 18/19. He holds a Bachelor of Law with Spanish and is currently a researcher at The PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity.

Study location

School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library

School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library

There are plenty of libraries to choose from at UCL, some are a little more discreet and harder to find than others. Knowing where these can be found will be very useful as exam season starts and you find yourself sitting on the floor at the student centre. Here is a list of libraries at UCL.

  • For quiet, intense studying, I would go to the law section of the UCL Main Library. It can get quite full, go early to secure a seat.
  • For a place where you know you can almost always find a seat, I would recommended the UCL Institute of Education Library. This library has 3 floors. Top tip: lunch is also served on floor 4 of the building, they have a great Fish and Chips for around £5 each Friday!
  • For a discreet, alternative and interesting place to study, visit the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library. As postgraduate, you will also have access to a small room on the second floor with limited space.
  • For a big space with comfortable chairs and only accessible for postgraduates, head up to the top of the Science Library.
  • The Student Centre is the newest library, this is very popular amongst students and can get crowded. However, you can book study rooms and seats beforehand. There is a café on the 3rd floor and a terrace on the 4th

Make sure you get yourself a (free) University of London library card. This will allow you to get into libraries including Senate House Library. Find out how here.

Food and drink

Bloomsbury Farmers’ Market

Bloomsbury Farmers’ Market

On campus

  • Wilkins Lower Refectory, Main Building

This is the main cafeteria on Campus, there is a good selection of fairly priced meals, usually 3-4 different options with a variety of sides. There is plenty of seating and is located directly below the new Student Centre,

  • UCL Cafés

There are plenty of cafés on campus, they often have great deals! All of the cafés sell Fairtrade teas and coffee and are staffed by UCL students. Explore the cafés here.

Top 3 cheap eats near campus

  1. The King of Falafel

Turkish and Lebanese food and their signature Lebanese falafel wrap.

  1. Roti King

Authentic Malaysian street food, arrive early!

  1. Herman Ze German

Great for a quick meal, their ‘Wursts in a roll’ range from £4.95 to £5.75.

For other top cheap eats check here.


The Bloomsbury Farmers Market opens every Thursday in Torrington Square. As well as being a great place to socialise and eat some lunch on the grass outside, the market provides fresh produce straight from the producer – fresh fruit and veg from farms nearby London, fresh fish from the coast, rare breed meats direct from the farm, free-range eggs, bread from local bakers and much more.


A big part of the MPA at UCL involves you taking the initiative and signing up for conferences, events and more. On Eventbrite you can find a whole range of fun and interesting events around London. Your MPA experience will definitely be enhanced by engaging with the wider community.

Many of these events provide networking opportunities at the end (as well as free food and drink), this could be a great opportunity to meet potential interviewees etc. for your final master thesis.

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