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It’s not too late to enjoy IOE Library’s Special Collections Advent Calendar

By Nazlin Bhimani, on 15 December 2016

Although we are now almost halfway through the IOE Library’s Special Collections Advent Calendar, it’s not too late to enjoy some of the daily treats in the calendar.  Over the remaining days, you will get some basic information about each of the historical collections held in the Newsam Library.  You will also be treated to a video of a musical performance or a documentary containing archival film footage or a short explanatory film on a type of resource, a famous educationist/theorist or subject taught in schools.  There are also some fun films towards the end of the calendar – especially recommended for those of you who have young ones or are young at heart (that would be all of us?).  If you haven’t followed us from Day 1, you will likely need to open the previous windows – but be warned that you may be drawn into the content and may be taken into a different world!

So begin the count at http://bit.ly/2gVvWqg  Oh, don’t miss Christmas Day as there’s a real treat in store for you.  Enjoy!

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