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Dhaka in Pictures – Sam Llewellyn-Jones

By ucwajgo, on 31 July 2015

Preparations for the Carnival

llewellwyn-jones1llewellyn-jones1aThe large folk sculptures made annually for the New Year carnival begin life as simple forms, constructed from flexible bamboo strips and lengths of timber. (more…)

Notes on Bangladesh – Olivia Bax

By ucwajgo, on 30 June 2015

One of the first things to strike me during my month at Dhaka University was the generosity of the people. Sam Llewellyn-Jones and I were assigned three students who were to accompany us at all times and help whenever necessary.  All three took this responsibility very seriously.  Nothing was too great a chore even if it meant embarking on an afternoon excursion out of Dhaka to find a particular roll of paper which we had casually mentioned that we might need.

14 April – Bengali New Year

14 April – Bengali New Year. Wearing traditional Bengali clothes. Left to right: Shochi, Olivia, Alok, Oni, Sam


Contemporary Art Lecture: The Art of Bangladesh

By ucwajgo, on 25 November 2012

Lala Rukh Selim gave a Contemporary Art Lecture: The Art of Bangladesh on 31 October 2012.