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Silvilaser 2023



Abstract submission

Abstract submission will be open from 1st March – 14th April.

Types of presentation

This year we are planning 3 different presentation options: (1) oral presentation (2) poster presentation and (3) prerecorded video presentation. 

Oral presentation

Delivered in-person, 12 minutes with 3 minutes for questions

Poster presentation

Delivered in-person, details for poster format will be circulated later. 

Pre-recorded video presentation

Pre-recorded video presentations are intended for those who would like to submit an abstract but will not be able to attend in person. Videos will be screened in a separate session where presenters will then be available to answer questions at the end of the session.

When submitting your abstract please select the correct stream on the conftool portal.

Abstract format

Abstracts will be a short format of no more than 300 words, please use the text box on the conftool portal. You may also upload a single figure (.pdf, .png or .jpg format), this can be done on the webpage proceeding the text submission. Please do not submit your abstract as .pdf, only abstracts entered into the correct text box can be considered. 

Please also submit 5 keys words to help assign your abstract to the correct sessions and reviewer.

Submit your abstract

Please submit your abstracts though the conftool portal.

Peer review

It is our intention that all abstracts will be peer-reviewed by 2 experts and feedback provided. 

COST action ERC bursary for presenters

There are a limited number of bursaries available for presenters from ITC countries. Tick the box at submission if you would like your abstract to be considered.