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Shelf Healing



Work & Life Episodes

Here you will find all Shelf Healing Work & Life podcast episodes.

A new interview episode is released on Thursday every other week and is available to listen to here and on all major podcasting platforms.

Each episode is a discussion with a guest or a panel about an important workplace wellbeing topic. Our guests are wide ranging from HR Directors, to University Professors, to diversity champions, to elite sports people, all discussing the importance of a wellbeing issue in work and life.

Each episode also has its own page with full show notes and player. These can be found on the Panel Discussions page and can also be searched by category or by date using the menus on the left. The most recent Shelf Healing episodes are also available on the left hand menu.

Head to https://shelfhealing.buzzsprout.com/ or use the players below to listen, view the show notes, and to find the episode on your podcast player.

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