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All our latest Work & Life podcast episodes with full show notes and podcast players are available from here for you to enjoy. These can also be searched by category or by date using the menus on the left. The most recent Shelf Healing episodes are also available on the left hand menu.

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Podchaser - Shelf Healing
  • Work & Life: Tyler Shores & Prof Gloria Mark on Digital Wellbeing
    I chat with Professor Gloria Mark and Tyler Shores about digital wellbeing. Show Notes I chat with the marvellous Professor Gloria Mark and Tyler Shores all about the idea of digital wellbeing. We take a dive into the world of digital shorthand, how emotions can be contagious over digital media and the effects that task […]
  • Work & Life: Tinker Secor on the perils of burnout in high pressure environments
    I chat with renowned penetration tester Tinker Secor about information security awareness, how malicious hackers think, and how he made himself incredibly ill by attempting to push through burnout. We discuss how security and safety are becoming increasingly entwined and how important it is to take care of your mental and physical health and understand […]
  • Work & Life: Creative Assembly & Safe In Our World on Mental Health in Videogame Development
    I chat with Sarah Howell, Head of HR at Creative Assembly, and Sarah and Rosie from the charity Safe in Our World all about the importance of looking after mental health in the workplace and how best to create an encouraging space to increase diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry. Show Notes I chat […]
  • BONUS Dr Samatha Rayner & Cathy Renztenbrink for Replenish Festival
    In celebration of UCL’s wellbeing festival Replenish Dr Rayner chats with Cathy all about her book Dear Reader and how Cathy has turned to reading and books for comfort and therapy during her life. Show Notes Dr Samantha Rayner talks with Cathy Rentzenbrink about her book Dear Reader, and the therapeutic effects of reading on […]
  • Work & Life: Jordan Harbinger on starting over from scratch
    I chat with Jordan about how to start over completely from scratch and how important it is to surround youself with good support, as well as how good well thought through feedback makes all the difference Show Notes I have the great honour this week of interviewing a podcasting legend, Jordan Harbinger. On The Jordan […]