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Work & Life: Tinker Secor on the perils of burnout in high pressure environments

By Rebecca Markwick, on 8 July 2021

I chat with renowned penetration tester Tinker Secor about information security awareness, how malicious hackers think, and how he made himself incredibly ill by attempting to push through burnout. We discuss how security and safety are becoming increasingly entwined and how important it is to take care of your mental and physical health and understand the perils of burnout.

Show Notes

I chat with Tinker Secor former US Marine and penetration tester in information security and current security tester in Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology. We chat about the role infosec has and it’s importance as well as the pressure the work puts on staff. Tinker discusses his experience of severe burnout that lead to an FND diagnosis and how important it is for management to take care of staff. We finish up with a brief chat about how security and safety are becoming intrinsically linked in the worl of OT and how online security is an ever changing set of goalposts that many people work very hard to keep up with.

This is a great journey through the perils of burnout and trying to push through it as well as a dive into the hidden world of infosec – something we all brush up against on a daily basis without realising.

Tinker Secor on Twitter

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Work & Life: Creative Assembly & Safe In Our World on Mental Health in Videogame Development

By Rebecca Markwick, on 24 June 2021

I chat with Sarah Howell, Head of HR at Creative Assembly, and Sarah and Rosie from the charity Safe in Our World all about the importance of looking after mental health in the workplace and how best to create an encouraging space to increase diversity and inclusion in the gaming industry.

Show Notes

I chat with Head of HR at the award winning games developer Creative Assembly, Sarah Howell, alongside Sarah and Rosie from Safe in Our World, a videogames specific mental health charity.

We discuss the importance of wellbeing in an industry that is rife with burnout and crunch, what support is available both at CA and SIOW, the difficulty of working from home and how to move forward with flexible working conditions, and we finish up with a great discussion on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the industry and what CA do to help improve this area and be the change we want to see.

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Work & Life: Jordan Harbinger on starting over from scratch

By Rebecca Markwick, on 3 June 2021

I chat with Jordan about how to start over completely from scratch and how important it is to surround youself with good support, as well as how good well thought through feedback makes all the difference

Show Notes

I have the great honour this week of interviewing a podcasting legend, Jordan Harbinger.

On The Jordan Harbinger Show, Jordan deconstructs the playbooks of the most successful people on earth and shares their strategies, perspectives, and practical insights with the rest of us. He has hosted a Top 50 iTunes podcast for over 14 years and receives over eleven million downloads per month, making The Jordan Harbinger Show one of the most popular podcasts in the world. 
Huge thanks to Jen Harbinger for helping to schedule this in across very different timezones! 

We talk about why his show has worksheets and how unexpectedly popular they are, why it’s important to cover the difficult and gross topics that are happening in the world, Jordan’s strong belief in exposing cults and scams and how you can support friends and family who are trapped in them. We also spend time discussing his Feedback Friday episodes and the amount of research that goes into the responses and how vital that is in order to help people with very niche problems. Lastly we talk about how hard it can be to restart in business from scratch and how looking at those around you who support you and realising what you have done so far can help you to dive back in and start again.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Episodes mentioned:
David Kilgour – The Heartless Art of Forced Organ Harvesting
Frank Bourassa – The World’s Greatest Counterfeiter Part One
Rutger Bregman – Humankind: A Hopeful History

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Work & Life: UCL Deans Stella Bruzzi & Sasha Roseneil

By Rebecca Markwick, on 29 April 2021

I chat with Stella and Sasha about the balance between being a Dean, being a researcher, and how the UCL faculties of Arts and Humanities and Social and Historical Sciences have coped during the pandemic. We also chat about department pets.

Show Notes
With me today are UCL’s Dean of Arts and Humanities, Stella Bruzzi, and the Dean of Social and Historical Sciences, Sasha Roseneil.
We talk about the difficulties of balancing work and life, how research fits into the role of a Dean, the effects of the pandemic on academic life and research, and the joy of being allowed to go out swimming again. We also talk about Pebbles the Warwick campus cat, Indiana Bones UCL’s Archaeology therapy dog and how all departments should have a pet. Sasha talks about her lovely dog, and Stella talks about her two lockdown kittens. We discuss plans for returning to physical university and how important having a holiday is, especially this year.
This is an enlightening and fun episode that hopes to give insight into the inner workings of being a university Dean in a time of great change.

Work & Life: Cat Mitchell and Dan Holloway – Accessibility and Disability in the Workplace

By Rebecca Markwick, on 15 April 2021

I chat with Cat and Dan all about how disability and accessibility affect the workplace, jobseekers, and how important it is to include those for whom you are making adjustments in the decision making process.

Show Notes
A brilliant episode in which myself, Cat Mitchell, and Dan Holloway discuss the role of accessibility in the workplace, how those with disabilities should be included in decision making processes for accesibility, and how the pandemic has affected the accessibility of the workplace. We also chat about our worries of the disabled community being left behind as the country leaves lockdown, and how accessibility needs to be incorporated into many more things including job applications and workplace culture.

We encourage you to engage with us on Twitter about the ideas in insights discussed in the podcast and look forward to hearing from you!

Link to Cat Mitchell’s Twitter
Link to Dan Holloway’s Twitter
Link to Rebecca’s Twitter
Link to Shelf Healing’s Twitter 

Work & Life: Gabriella Bergstedt – Fika & the Swedish Work/Life Balance

By Rebecca Markwick, on 1 April 2021

Show Notes
I have a lovely catch up with one of my lovely old colleagues from Sony Mobile in Sweden, Gabriella Bergstedt. We chat about the joy of fika and what it entails. The differences between working in Sweden, Denmark, and Ireland, and how important it is to have certain types of policies and workplace attitudes to create a productive welcoming environment.

We go over Sweden’s parental leave policy and what it means for parents, how well rounded the work benefits are, the wonderful ergonomics accommodations as standard, and how well structured Swedish companies are for encouraging employees back to the workplace after sick leave.

It’s a great episode and one that raises some very important points about companies taking care of employees as standard.

What is Wellbeing? with David Fox and Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown

By Rebecca Markwick, on 18 February 2021

Show Notes
David Fox of MOXI Health and Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown join me to discuss physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace.
We talk about what wellbeing is and how to define it and why it’s important to be self aware of our physical and emotional states. understand the consequences of stress and poor wellbeing.


HR ‘How can we help?’ with Michael Chivers

By Rebecca Markwick, on 4 February 2021

Show Notes
Our first Work & Life episode sees me chatting with Michael Chivers about his global journey in HR. How Michael learned to ask ‘how can we help?’ and focused in on the importance of caring for employees as an HR Director for companies such as Sony and Maersk.