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Heyer UnConference Regency Carriages

Here is a special BONUS episode of Shelf Healing specially for the Heyer UnConference run by UCL Press for the launch of the book Georgette Heyer, History and Historical Fiction. I have guests Amy Bracey and Sarah Dance on to chat all about Regency carriages.

Show Notes

This is a special bonus Shelf Healing episode to celebrate the unconference and launch of a new book of essays about the historical romance novelist Georgette Heyer.  I chat with carriage historian Amy Bracey of The Carriage Foundation, and carriage commentator and auctioneer Sarah Dance of The Carriage Commentator all about Regency Era carriages. You won’t find two people more knowledgeable about carriages.

We talk high flyers, coaches, gigs, and the way that carriages were an extension of your personal and household fashion. The expense of carriages, the cost of the Grand Tour, and a couple of very Georgette Heyer stories from the early 1800s.

If you want to know how much a coach would have cost you, what your carriage said about you, or what colours you could use on your carriage this is the episode for you.

Some handy links from the episode:
The Carriage Foundation
The Carriage Commentator
Thimbleby & Shorland Auctioneers
Amy Bracey’s book The A-Z of Carriages  with a forward by HRH Prince Michael of Kent
(or contact Amy via email for your copy)

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