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Dr Daniel Boswell

By Rebecca Markwick, on 27 July 2021

Daniel talks about how comics helped him learn a new language when he was young and how wide a variety of styles there are to suit every taste.

Show Notes

Part One: I chat with Dr Daniel Boswell about comics research, the way comics can help learn new languages, how they are therapeutic, and how different styles mean that pretty much everyone is covered if they would like a comfort comic book!

Mentioned in this episode are:
Asterix and Obelix

Alan Moore
Garth Ennis
Patrick Zircher
Jimmy Palmiotti

Part Two: I conclude my chat with Daniel about comics and we chat and laugh about tie-ins, keeping fans on side, character design, the brilliant rise of creator owned IP, and the expressive art found in comics. This episode has plenty of laughs, me chatting horses in comics, and Daniel struggling to pick his favourite IP.

Things mentioned in the episode:
Black Widow

Rob Liefeld
Louise Simonson
Paper Girls
Miss Marvel
Marvel Assembly
– Preeti Chibber
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
The Inhumans
Marvel Knights
Blade Runner
The Avengers
The Walking Dead
The Flash

Dr Strange
Savage Avengers

The Joker
The Riddler
Jim Lee
Frank Miller
Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing
Shirow Masamune
Ghost in the Shell
Kieran Gillan’s The Wicked and the Divine

Liam Sharp

By Rebecca Markwick, on 20 July 2021

Liam chats about the power of comics in the first part of this interview and in the second on how books and writing helped his mental health, as well as the importance of bringing iconic characters to life.

Show Notes

Part One: I chat with comics artist, writer, and novelist Liam Sharp about the therapeutic effects of reading and the power of comics in this, the first part of our interview.
Liam does a wonderful deep dive into the world of drawing comics and mental health.

Liam’s website
Liam’s Twitter

So many comic creators and writers were mentioned I hope I have covered them all!
Grant Morrison
Philip Larkin
The Boys
Garth Ennis
Marlon Brando
Elektra Assassin
Stray Toaster

Bill Sienkiewicz
Green Lantern
Dave Gibbons 
Neil Adams

Part Two: In this second part of my interview with Liam we go into detail about Liam’s struggles with mental health, how writing and reading helped him and how carefully he worked on Wonder Woman knowing how important a character she is to so many people.
We also chat about the huge success of Liam’s kickstarter campaign and how unexpected and life changing it will be for him. To have readers so visibly show their love and support has been incredible.

Liam’s website
Liam’s Twitter

More comics and creators mentioned here!
Wonder Woman
Greg Rucka
Arkham Asylum
Dave McKean

Work & Life: Tinker Secor on the perils of burnout in high pressure environments

By Rebecca Markwick, on 8 July 2021

I chat with renowned penetration tester Tinker Secor about information security awareness, how malicious hackers think, and how he made himself incredibly ill by attempting to push through burnout. We discuss how security and safety are becoming increasingly entwined and how important it is to take care of your mental and physical health and understand the perils of burnout.

Show Notes

I chat with Tinker Secor former US Marine and penetration tester in information security and current security tester in Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology. We chat about the role infosec has and it’s importance as well as the pressure the work puts on staff. Tinker discusses his experience of severe burnout that lead to an FND diagnosis and how important it is for management to take care of staff. We finish up with a brief chat about how security and safety are becoming intrinsically linked in the worl of OT and how online security is an ever changing set of goalposts that many people work very hard to keep up with.

This is a great journey through the perils of burnout and trying to push through it as well as a dive into the hidden world of infosec – something we all brush up against on a daily basis without realising.

Tinker Secor on Twitter

Malware Tech on Twitter
Malware Tech blog
Dallas Hackers Association
Dallas Hackers Association Twitter
Mental Health Hackers

Ram V

By Rebecca Markwick, on 6 July 2021

Ram talks all about how he became a comics writer and why he feels that more representation is needed in the industry.

Show Notes

I chat with award winning comic writer Ram V this week all about how he fell into writing for comics and his interesting journey into reading comics. We discuss how comics are subtle or not so subtle pieces of social commentary, how representation and  new takes on classic characters is essential for the future of comics.

Links to:
Ram’s website
Ram’s Twitter

Works and creators mentioned in the episode:
Joe Abercrombie
Jon Delillo
Bill Sienkiewicz
Liam Sharp
Sandman by Neil Gaiman
Sequential Art by Will Eisner
Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
Black Mumba by Ram V
Alan Moore
Swamp Thing by Alan Moore
On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden
Essex County Trilogy by Jeff Lemire
Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire
The Picture of Everything Else by Dan Watters
Pluto by Naoki Urasawa
20th Century Boys by Naoki Urasawa