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What is Wellbeing? with David Fox and Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown

By Rebecca Markwick, on 18 February 2021

Show Notes
David Fox of MOXI Health and Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown join me to discuss physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace.
We talk about what wellbeing is and how to define it and why it’s important to be self aware of our physical and emotional states. understand the consequences of stress and poor wellbeing.

We discuss stress, it’s effects, and the addictive nature of the fight or flight response.  We also talk about the importance of sick days and how stress and low wellbeing can be contagious.

All in all this is an excellent panel on the importance of good wellbeing in life and in the workplace. We need functioning people who feel good in order to have good wellbeing.

David Fox is a physiotherapist and Founder and CEO of MOXI Health.
Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown is Professor of Public Health at Warwick University.

Things from the episode:
MOXI Health
Catalyst Physio
WEBWMS (The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scales)
Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown
David Fox
Stressaholic: 5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Stress  by Heidi Hanna

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