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HR ‘How can we help?’ with Michael Chivers

By Rebecca Markwick, on 4 February 2021

Show Notes
Our first Work & Life episode sees me chatting with Michael Chivers about his global journey in HR. How Michael learned to ask ‘how can we help?’ and focused in on the importance of caring for employees as an HR Director for companies such as Sony and Maersk.

We also discuss the difficulties of funding performance by results and the ways in which human wellbeing can be lost in a results driven business model.

Michael is a global HR Director with a strong interest and belief in wellbeing. He is currently working as HR Director in Athens for Titan Cement Company SA. He has previously worked for Sony, Sony Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Maersk, British Cycling, and many more. Michael’s focus on wellbeing has played a large role in his HR work over the years.

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