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Shelf Healing



Giles Paley-Phillips

By Rebecca Markwick, on 8 December 2020

Giles Paley-Phillips

Giles Paley-Phillips

This week our guest is childrens picture book author and Blank podcast host Giles Paley-Phillips. We discuss Giles’ progress as a reader throughout his life, the books that got him reading, what he reads now, and how reading affects his sleep. We also chat about writing and beautiful books.

Head to the show notes for links and a list of authors and books mentioned in the podcast.

Show Notes
In this Shelf Healing interview we chat to Giles Paley-Phillips, children’s picture book author and podcast host. We discuss bibliotherapy, writing, and mental wellbeing, and what literature Giles reaches for to improve his own mental health.

Link to Blank Giles’ podcast
Link to Giles’ lovely twitter account
Link to Giles’ author page  

Books and authors mentioned in the podcast:

Giles Paley-Phillips
Ian Livingstone
Steve Jackson
Chuck Palahnuik
Don DeLillo
Paul Auster
Jon Ronson
Ian Rankin
John Fowles
Glen David Gold
Sharon Olds
Bret Easton Ellis
Gelong Thubten

Fighting Fantasies by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson
The Magus by John Fowles
Carter Beats the Devil by Glen David Gold
The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien
The Father by Sharon Olds
One Hundred and Fifty-Two Days by Giles Paley-Phillips
American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
A Monks Guide to Happiness by Gelong Thubten
Beautiful Lego by Mike Doyle
The Property by Rutu Modan
Blankets by Craig Thompson
Sandman: 30th Anniversary Edition by Neil Gaiman

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