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Chemistry of the dark arts – Happy Halloween!

By Peter Marron, on 30 October 2023

Welcome to our Chemistry of the dark arts… Watch these chilling experiments conducted by UCL Chemistry staff, and have a spooky Halloween! Narrated by UCL Science & Technology Studies student Andrea Lekare.

Creative producers: Claire Gacki (also camera person), Hannah Shalloe (also video contributor) and Helena Wong. Thank you to Professor Andrea Sella for his inspiration, Cesar Reyes for the thin films and Luka Nunar for the video equipment.

Student Vlog: Day of the Dead – what is it and where does it come from?

By Peter Marron, on 25 October 2022

In the run up to Halloween, UCL Science & Technology Studies student Andrea explains the Day of the Dead, its significance in Mexican culture and how technology helps to connect with traditions.

Student Vlog: Tricks to treat your fear of Maths

By Peter Marron, on 15 October 2022

Do you have math phobia? Well, you’re not alone! To celebrate the spooky season, UCL Mathematics student Teren asks UCL students to share their tricks to treat the fear of maths. Happy Halloween!