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The LHCb experiment

By Oli Usher, on 22 September 2014

The LHCb experiment. Credit: CERN (licence)

The LHCb experiment. Credit: CERN (licence)

This week’s Picture of the Week is the LHCb (Large Hadron Collider beauty) experiment at CERN. Located in a cavern on the the French side of the Circle Line-sized cross-border particle accelerator, LHCb is as big as a house. The detector investigates why our universe is dominated by matter, rather than antimatter.

Prof Nick Brook, the newly appointed Dean of Mathematical & Physical Sciences at UCL, was the computing project leader on the LHCb experiment during the vital period leading up to first data taking. He joins joins a wide range of other CERN researchers based here.

Jon Butterworth, UCL’s head of physics, will give a public talk about his role at CERN and the discovery of the Higgs Boson on 15 October. Click here for more information.

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This picture may be reproduced providing you follow the conditions of the CERN licence.


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