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    Caspian Energy Grid

    By Jas Mahrra, on 5 January 2015


    Chris Cook, Senior Research Fellow attends the Ashgabat Energy Charter Forum

    On 9 December 2014, the Ashgabat Energy Charter Forum was held in the capital of Turkmenistan. The Forum, convened by the Energy Charter organisation was held under the topic of Reliable and Stable Transit of Energy. Chris Cook, attended in the capacity of an expert. Read about his personal impression of the conference and his thoughts on his proposal for a Caspian Energy Grid in the specialist energy publisher Newsbase (written in his capacity as Director at Wimpole International).

    Downstream Monitor – MEA Week 50 Newsbase

    Editors note: Whilst the conference in Ashgabat addressed issues of concern to the whole planet as our blog reflects, we like most participants in the conference (e.g. the UN and the EU) in no way condone the behaviour of the regime of Turkmenistan. As for example, reported by the BBC in its article on Turkmenistan.