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    By Mandeep Bhandal, on 20 February 2013


    ISRS Research Manager, Mandeep Bhandal provides an update to ISRS’ Net Assessment Bulletins on Cyprus (28 January & 11 February 2013):

    Cyprus Update

    The geo-strategic significance of Cyprus has been overlooked for far too long by many policy and decision makers. It is only now; in recent years that the Eurozone crisis has unveiled the strategic consequence of Cyprus’ debt problems and the triggering of a feared contagion in the Eurozone. In our Net Assessment Bulletins (28 January & 11 February 2013), ISRS highlighted the prevalent strategic issues taking hold in Cyprus from political, economic and energy perspectives. In dealing with the uncertainty and ensuing ‘crisis;’ decision-takers need to identify competitive strategies as well as identifying the competitive advantage of pursuing such options. ISRS indeed recognised Cyprus’ strategic role and purported that it should not be examined in isolation, but rather as part of a dynamic network. A Net Assessment of Strategies (NAS) of the region, including Iran, Israel, Turkey and Syria, should consider Cyprus as a pivotal outcome. Similarly, an FT article published on 19 Feb (Cypriot crisis creates one last chance to reunify the island) recognises these very issues and the important role that Cyprus plays. Given the forthcoming run-off ballot next week, there is pressing urgency to address the island’s divisions. This is vital given we live in a multipolar world.