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RSD is recruiting a Research Software Developer

By Mayeul D'Avezac, on 28 September 2015

UCL’s Research Software Development group is looking for a new colleague and software developer! We work across college developing high-quality software in collaborations with scientists from all research domains. This post is funded for 2 years in the first instance.

The research software development group designs, extends, refactors and maintains research software across all subjects area. Whether it means using python to bring up a database of Sumerian writings, parallelising Fortran codes for surface catalysis simulations, adding red blood cells to a C++ Lattice-Boltzmann simulation of blood-flow dynamics, refactoring DNA forensics code in R, or designing a modern compressed sensing library for C++11 and python, we do it all, bringing specialist  programming expertise, modern development practices (CI, TDD, Agile…), and engineering rigour to research software development. We provide expert expert software engineering consulting services to world-leading research teams, and work with scientists and scholars to build software to meet new research challenges.

If the following describes you, then you should consider working with us:

  •  You have created and maintained software to address advanced research problems in one or more fields
  • You can rapidly assimilate understanding of new scientific questions, and quickly connect research needs to software requirements
  •  You are committed to software development best practices, and know how to adapt these to research contexts
  • You are expert in one or more languages and platforms used for scientific computing, and are keen to expand your knowledge.

For more details check this advert.

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