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UCL Affiliates with Software Carpentry Foundation

By James P J Hetherington, on 22 January 2015

Software Carpentry is a volunteer organisation whose goal is to make scientists more productive, and their work more reliable, by teaching them basic computing skills. Founded in 1998, it runs short, intensive workshops that cover program design, version control, testing, and task automation. In October 2014, a non-profit Software Carpentry Foundation was created to act as a governing body for the project.

UCL is London’s Global University, founded to open up education to all on equal terms. Today our outstanding research and innovative teaching drive entrepreneurial solutions to the world’s major problems.

UCL Research IT Services is UCL’s organisation supporting and enabling computational research. Committed to sharing the most effective ways of using computers for research, we offer practical, hands-on training in high performance cluster computing and research software development. We are excited to be part of the software carpentry community, and organise software carpentry events for UCL students and research staff three times per year.

By affiliating with the Software Carpentry Foundation, organisations demonstrate their commitment to teaching best practices for scientific computing, contribute charitably to support a sustainable future for the organisation, and help shape the future of digital research.

UCL is proud to become an affiliate of the Software Carpentry Foundation

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