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Archive for May, 2015

UCL welcomes EPSRC Research Software Engineering Fellows

By James P J Hetherington, on 15 May 2015

EPSRC has announced a pilot call for Research Software Engineer Fellowships .

This is an exciting step towards the development of a long-term career path for research programmers, something we’ve been struggling towards for a long time.

UCL will be very keen to support the best candidates in applications to this fellowship.

We’re committed to a dual academic-and-support model for the RSE role, so we welcome great candidates who seek a joint position in both the Research Software Development Group and a UCL academic department. Interested candidates should get in touch with me at j.hetherington@ucl.ac.uk. I can help you make contact with departmental colleagues.

UCL is one of the best places on the planet to be a programmer-researcher.  We think future leaders of the research programming community will benefit from basing their fellowship in our growing, boundary-pushing research software development group.