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Annual rollover complete!

By Hazel M Ingrey, on 19 July 2017

The online reading lists have rolled over succesfully, creating copies of all lists ready for the 2017-18 session.  The reading lists for 2016-17 have been archived.

You are able to continue editing as usual.  In fact, this is the perfect time to update your list: students look at their readings over the summer and it is very easy to add a section of ‘Summer reading / research’.  Even if you haven’t finalised changes to all readings, you can still set up the structure and update dates and notes.  Though students are very positive about their reading lists, a couple of complaints have been about currency; the previous year’s dates were still on display.

Do you feel too busy to get re-acquainted with how to update your list?  Drop-in to us on a Wednesday afternoon and we will help you log in and make a few basic changes; or ask us for a quick refresher to get started again.  We are also happy to visit you in your office.


Drop us an email if you would like to:

  • re-use a previous version of your reading list (for example, for those modules that run every other year)
  • Archive a reading list if it is not being run in 2017-18
  • Change a module title / name on an existing reading list
  • Set up a new reading list


One final thing. Your ‘My Lists’ page may still contain 2016-17 lists.

  • To remove older lists: Go to ‘My Lists’. Check the box left of the list title; at the top of the page click ‘Action’ -> ‘Remove’
  • To add new lists to your ‘My Lists’ area: navigate to the 2017-18 list and click the button ‘Add to my lists’ (top right hand side).
  • All reading lists are at the same module URL each year (e.g. http://readinglists.ucl.ac.uk/modules/publg084.html ), this does not change.  The link from Moodle to the reading list (via the ‘Library Resources’ block) is also stable and won’t need updating.