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ReadingLists@UCL rollover

By Hazel M Ingrey, on 27 June 2019

Summer reading

Each summer the reading lists have a new copy made for the new academic year, much like the Moodle snapshot.  This year the rollover is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday 16th July 2019.  From about 5pm that day:

  • Reading lists for 2018-19 will have an exact copy made for 2019-20, which will publish immediately
  • The old version (2018-19) will archive, which means it will disappear from public view but can be found and re-used in future years if needed
  • Students will have continuous access to their reading lists: there is no down time for viewing lists
  • Editing rights remain constant, so list editors are able to edit the new lists as soon as they appear
  • Lists already set up as 2019-2020 will be unaffected by the rollover


Please note:

  • Unpublished changes will not copy forward into the new list: please publish your lists before 16th July if you wish your updates to be carried forward.
  • We suggest you stop editing reading lists before 5pm on 16th July, and continue editing when you can see it has the 2019-20 date stamp – certainly from the next morning Wednesday 17th July, if not sooner.
  • A note on students undertaking Late Summer Assessments, and accessing their 2018-19 list.
  • To have old courses archived, new lists set up, or current module names amended, please email us your requests!


Do you need a refresher on how to edit and manage your lists?  Drop in to our office in Senate House on Wednesday afternoons, 2.30 – 4.30pm for a quick session.  You could walk away with a new list set up and ready to go, get guidance on how to link to non-standard resources, or find out how to embed reading lists in Moodle.

The ReadingLists@UCL webpages also have guides, FAQs and contact details.


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