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Meet Research IT Services!

By j.houghton, on 12 February 2020

Continuing our introductions theme for this year’s Love Data Week, you have met the new team, had an update on our newest system, and now let us reintroduce you to the Research IT Services (RITS) Team and what they do for you, your data, and beyond!

First up, RITS runs the Research Data Storage service for staff and doctoral students, where you can store your data whilst your project is ongoing. This is a great place for a number of people to collaborate and share data, especially on big files. To get access, just use the link above and register your project today!

Related to this, RITS also provide research computing platforms for staff and students, which supports research at UCL through provision of specialist platforms for high performance and high throughput computing. Application forms available at the link above.

They also support research software development tools to enable researchers to follow best practices when developing research software, including version control and automated testing, as well as various research IT applications to supporting research management and administration from planning through to publication.

Finally, (as if this list wasn’t long enough already!) RITS provide expertise in creating software for academic research, and collaborate with researchers across UCL on projects. Get in touch with the Research Software Development team to discuss your project!

RITS have been involved in an amazing array of projects, and their Showcase site is a brilliant way to not only get distracted from work for a while, but get an overview of the sheer range of research RITS is involved in, and a taste of the wide range of research that happens here at UCL. As a new member of staff my favourite has to be the joint project between the British Library and UCL Digital Humanities as it proves conclusively that these tools and services are for everyone!

We work very closely with RITS and you can find the Research Data Management (RDM) team alongside the RITS team at their regular drop-ins as well as collaborating on a variety of training covering most of the above, including high performance computing, research software engineering and programming.

Drop-ins are for anyone that wants support or advice about anything covered by RITS or the Research Support team such as:

  • finding the right tools and services,
  • research programming,
  • task automation and scripting,
  • high performance computing,
  • storing large datasets,
  • Research Data Storage (RDS) service induction,
  • handling sensitive data,
  • Research Data Management (including data management plans).


We look forward to seeing you there soon!

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