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Opening UCL: roadmap for a new higher education landscape

By t.johnson, on 12 April 2019

Perspectives for Open Education at UCL

The UCL Open Education project recently hosted Opening UCL, a symposium on Open Education to explore the current landscape in open education practice in higher education. Some highlights include:

UCL Connected Curriculum (Dilly Fung)

OER were shown to foster learning, digital literacy, creativity, student engagement, and collaboration across disciplines.

UCL Library Services and Digital Education, co-hosts, introduced the UCL Roadmap for Open Education.  By 2021, open education will be embedded within the UCL community via supporting policies, infrastructure, and a connected curriculum of research-based teaching frameworks and student-generated research, to include:

Also read a full account of Opening UCL by Susan Koseoglu, Goldsmiths College.

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