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Archive for November, 2015

Who can help me to write & negotiate my research contracts?

By ucylmfe, on 30 November 2015

UCL Research Contracts Office (RCO) can review and help you negotiate research agreements from a variety of funders and collaborators such as industry partners, Research Councils, foreign and domestic government departments and charities. Check the RCO webpages for more information.

For advice on research collaboration in general, including cross-boundary projects, see the UCL Research Integrity website.

I am using external hard drives to archive my data, how can I make them as safe as possible?

By ucylmfe, on 30 November 2015

A hard drive sitting on your bookshelf might be useful for storing your data, but it is not reliable or secure enough for long-term preservation (memory or USB sticks are even worst). For safer options to preserve data, see our guide on how to store & archive your research data (whether digital or not).

If you really need to use an external hard drive, here are a few emergency tips for taking care of your drive and make sure that you can still read the data in the coming years.

At the minimum you should: (more…)

Transfer of data overseas – News about the Safe Harbour Agreement

By ucylmfe, on 12 November 2015

The European Court of Justice has recently ruled that the European Commission (EC) decision on the use of the US Safe Harbour agreement for transferring personal data from the European Economic Area to the USA was invalid.

This decision will have implications for all those that regularly transfer identifiable information to companies or organisations based in the United States.

The immediate implication is that UCL cannot enter into any new agreements which involve the transfer of personal data to the United States that rely on Safe Harbour. Read more about this decision and implications for UCL researchers.