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Who should I go to for advice on including data storage costs in a research grant application?

By ucylmfe, on 15 October 2015

UCL Research Data Services provides an institution-wide storage service on a project basis, and are happy to advise on potential costs for large amounts of storage for new projects. When registering a project for the Research Data Storage service, we ask you to estimate your data storage needs but these are changeable over the period of the allocation (as are the members of the project). Generally, 5TB per project is allocated unless other capacity is requested.  If you need more than 10TB we ask you to contact us directly so we can understand your needs and scale our service accurately.

If you have multiple projects then you are free to register as many projects as you think appropriate; we find this has helped researchers arrange their data more logically.

There is presently no charge for this service; that may change in the future, but there will be no retrospective application of charges. Contact Research Data Services: researchdata-info@ucl.ac.uk.

To anticipate costs associated with data management as a whole, please check our guide.

Contributed by Jo Lampard, Senior Research IT Services Facilitator

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