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Where can I find UCL policies regarding research data, information security and data protection?

By ucylmfe, on 21 September 2015

The UCL Research Data Policy sets out UCL’s expectations around the management and sharing of data created by UCL researchers. All UCL researchers, supervisors and Principal Investigators should read the Policy and share it with colleagues and students where relevant.

The UCL Data Protection Policy forms part of UCL’s commitment to the safeguarding of personal data processed by its staff and students. It aims to help them recognise personal data and understand their rights and obligations with respect to personal data.

The UCL Information Security Policy sets out to ensure that UCL computing systems, and all the information held on them, are adequately protected against loss and misuse, and that protection is provided in a cost-effective way. The policy applies to staff and students alike, and to anyone else who has been authorized to use UCL facilities. Supporting policies such as the UCL Email Policy and the UCL Freedom of Information Policy should also be read.

The UCL Research Integrity website provides a list of all UCL policies, statements and code of conduct related to research, including on issues such as ethics or research collaboration.

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