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Application Form Information and Guidance

The application deadline for 2015 entry has now passed. The electronic application form remains available, but we will only consider further applications in exceptional circumstances. Please contact us at quantum-cdt-enquiries@ucl.ac.uk with any queries.



To process your application to the CDT in Delivering Quantum Technologies, we need to have received:

  • A completed electronic application form (see link and guidance below) before Friday 13th February 2015.
  • Reference letters from two referees (who will be contacted directly once you submit your electronic application form) before the referee deadline Friday 20th February 2015.
  • Please give your referees advance warning of this deadline, and direct them to our information for referees page well in advance.

Important: We cannot process your application until we have received reference letters from both of your referees. The referees only receive an invitation to submit their reference to the online system once you have submitted your application form. We therefore strongly recommend that you submit your application form several weeks before the deadline and that you make sure your referees are aware of the deadline of the Friday 20th February 2015. The automatic email they receive will not include this deadline, therefore it is very important that you inform them of it.

Application form guidance:

Before completing your application form, please read the following notes carefully. Applicants from overseas should also read all the information on the Information for international applicants page.

The application form is a generic form used by all UCL postgraduate courses and is not customised to the CDT. It is therefore important that you follow the guidance below when completing the form:

    • Search Programmes: When you click enter the UCL online application form, you are asked to search for and select a programme for your application. Enter “Quantum” in the keyword search box and select MRes Quantum Technologies, programme TMRPHYSQTE01. An application for this MRes is an application is for the full 4 year MRes/PhD integrated programme. We do not currently offer a stand-alone MRes course. Important: Be careful not to select the wrong programme at this stage. If you do, we will not receive your application and will not be able to consider you – for example, do not select Research Degree: Physics and Astronomy. This would place your application in a generic PhD application pool in Physics and Astronomy and we would not receive it.
    • Do you require a visa to study in the UK? If you are from a country outside the EEA (European Economic Area) except for Switzerland, it is likely that you will need to  answer YES to this question, but please see the guidance from the UK government on VISAs at this link.
    • English language proficiency qualifications If English is not your first language, you will need to satisfy UCL’s language requirements. Please give details of your current qualifications here. For more information please see the Information for international applicants page.
    • How will you be financing your studies at UCL? Please tick one or more boxes. All candidates who apply to the CDT, regardless of fee status, will be considered for a CDT-funded studentship. If, in addition, you are seeking funding via other means (e.g. an external scholarship) please give details here. We would usually recommend that only students liable to pay international fees apply for external scholarships.
    • Supplementary Personal Statement
      Please ignore the generic instructions above this box. Instead, please use the following format:

      • Please include:
        • A brief indication of whether you consider yourself a theorist or an experimentalist (or both), and a description of your most likely research interests (e.g. experiment or theory; physics, engineering, materials for quantum engineering, computer science and algorithms etc.) – this will not be binding on you at the point you come to choose a research project.
        • Details of a research project undertaken as part of your studies (including project title and supervisor), and details of any other relevant research experience you have. Please make it clear whether this project was in experiment or theory.
        • Any particular highlights of your academic career so far that may not be apparent from the information on your form (e.g. courses in which you did particularly well, prizes, or publications of previous research).  Be as specific and quantitative as you can.
        • Specific reasons for your interest in the Delivering Quantum Technologies CDT and your career goals.
      • Please do not include:
        • Generic statements that tell us nothing about you. For example, we already know that quantum mechanics and quantum technologies are fascinating and exciting, and that UCL is a good place to study. Don’t waste precious space telling us!

 Application form

You will find the application form at the following link:

It is very important that you read the guidelines above and all the information on that page before you complete your form. When you are ready to do so, you can access the online application form via the “Submit” link at the bottom of that page.