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News update: Quantum tech gets a boost in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

By Oli Usher, on 9 December 2013

The Chancellor George Osborne has announced £270m of new investment in quantum technologies. The new funding was announced at a meeting with top physicists, including UCL Quantum’s Prof Andrew Fisher.

This forms part of a package of public spending announcements in his Autumn Statement, and will cover five research centres at UK universities.

Prof Michael Arthur, President & Provost of UCL said:

This announcement is excellent news for the field of quantum technology, and will help put the UK at the forefront of the emerging quantum technology industry. UCL is one of the UK’s leading research centres in this field, and well placed to help realise this vision.”


Event update: UCL-Paris Quantum Connection

By Oli Usher, on 6 November 2013

Peter Shor talks to UCL Quantum

Around 100 participants have come to a conference at UCL Quantum, supported by the French Embassy’s Science and Technology Department.

The event featured a public lecture by renowned quantum computing expert Peter Shor (pictured above) on the subject of error correction in quantum computing.

Other speakers included:

Local organizers: