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Introducing Ask the Experts: a new Schools Engagement project

By Caroline Francis, on 7 October 2020

Calling on UCL academic and professional staff to sign up to our new online Schools Engagement project ‘Ask the Expert’. This article has been written by STEP trainee, Caroline Francis. ‘Ask the Experts’ is an online project that aims to reconnect secondary school pupils with creative learning and help them discover more about different subjects […]

There’s more than one way to co-create!

By Niccola, on 25 September 2020

All of the co-creation work that we do is open to anyone who wants to get involved. However, we’re conscious that a co-creation session via video call or face-to-face workshop (COVID-19 permitting) isn’t for everyone, so we’ve been careful to provide different ways to get involved, always making sure that everything is fed into the […]

Reflections and recommendations on co-producing with young people with past mental health difficulties

By Niccola, on 9 July 2020

UCL Centre for Co-production co-producers Lindsay Dewa and Anna Lawrence-Jones share their recently launched co-produced research paper and tell us about how the team worked together and all the things that they learnt. 

Black Lives Matter: listening, hearing, planning for change.

By ucyllcr, on 28 June 2020

This post is by Director of Engagement (UCL Culture), Laura Cream.

It’s not enough to say black lives matter. Time for academia to show it!

By Niccola, on 21 June 2020

Cristina & Niccola from UCL Centre for Co-production have had numerous conversations over the past few weeks about the #BlackLivesMatter movement, about the need for the Centre to reflect and academia to change its behaviours and how we can all help make this happen.

Keep calm and co-produce: we’re going virtual!

By Niccola, on 17 April 2020

So… times have changed a little haven’t they? We are still here though, and very much still working on co-producing the Centre. We hope that getting involved in co-production activities will provide you with a welcome distraction from the day to day. On the other hand, we totally understand if getting involved at the moment […]

Introducing Rory!

By Rory, on 10 April 2020

This blog is written by Rory, our new UCL Centre for Co-production Project Co-ordinator I knew I would be writing an introductory blog post about myself but it never crossed my mind that it would come from my kitchen! And yet, here we are, weeks into social distancing and working from home – or in […]

Reflections on a changing world: the importance of co-production

By Niccola, on 9 April 2020

Niccola and Lizzie share their thoughts on the current situation for us all in relation to coronavirus and what this means for the Centre for Co-production How are you coping at the moment? We’re both feeling pretty similar – lucky and thankful about our personal situations, but still sometimes struggling to say positive. We know […]

Engagement in a time of social distancing

By Briony Fleming, on 25 March 2020

This blog was written by Helen Craig (Public Engagement Manager – SLMS) bringing together the thoughts and experiences of the whole engagement team.

Hello, goodbye and the next steps for UCL Centre for Co-production

By Niccola, on 2 March 2020

Hi there everyone! I’m back. And… Ishé my son is now over 5 months old! Crazy how time flies! Here he is in his big boy highchair!! It’s great to be back, I’m looking forward to really getting stuck into the next phase for the Centre – securing our long term sustainability. This is a […]