A group of people co-creating at one of our events!

What is a Co-creation Session Like?

This blog has been written by Centre Co-producers Lizzie Cain and Susan Anderson to share more about what co-creation sessions are like with the UCL…

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Colourful signs say “soon!” and “coming up!”

What’s New in Co-production? September 2019

This blog shares ways you can get involved with the UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research, and a range of other resources and co-production…

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An up close look at the magnifying glasses and embossing materials from a session with Sofie Layton ran with the Ci2i project. The group explored what the word 'research' means, by 'researching' a new material and trying out metal embossing.

Co-production in everyday life: Cat & Jacq Tell All

This blog was written by Jacq Miller and Catriona Duncan-Rees about what they’ve learned through co-production. At the UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research,…

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A group of smiling stick figures under a banner that says “Co-production”

Co-producers Katherine, Simon, and Chris Reflect on the UCL Centre for Co-production

This blog was written by Centre Co-producers Katherine Barrett, Simon Denegri, and Chris Dankwa who introduce themselves and their hopes for the UCL Centre for…

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Three photos side by side: one each of of Clement, Sarah, and Annegret all smiling

Co-producers Sarah, Clement, and Annegret – our thoughts on the UCL Centre for Co-production

We’ve had the privilege of getting to know so many great people through the UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research, from the start back…

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Two tablets drawn as characters with eyes and thought bubbles above them.

Meet Us in Cyberspace!

Chatting about co-production with all of you is always a treat. Thank you for learning with us, sharing what you’ve tried, and joining us in…

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Artwork of one thing that will stay with us after our event in July! Four overlapping purple hearts made of Play-Doh on a post-it that says "Passionate People Coming Together!"

Dreaming big at Phase 2 Pilots Kick-off

Susan Anderson and Mandy Rudczenko share their reflections from the recent Phase 2 Pilots Kick-off event and co-creation session. Susan’s starting this off! I really…

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A baby grow with coming soon and a pair of baby feet on it

What’s next for the Centre for Co-production? The latest from Niccola & Rachel

Wow. So it’s that time when I need to start to handover work on the UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research to someone else……

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