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Co-Production Collective has a new home!

By Lizzie, on 4 March 2021

Co-Production Collective has a brand new website, so this will be the last post from us on the UCL Engagement blog. But we’re not going far and hope you will join us there! 

We are really excited to announce that Co-Production Collective has a brand new website!

This website is the result of over six months of co-creation activity between web designers Big Lemon and the Co-Production Collective community. It’s the first time we have a proper website dedicated to Co-Production Collective and our mission, championing co-production for lasting change.

We hope it will provide a platform to showcase the benefits of co-production, connect co-producers and support us all to learn together.

A screenshot of the new CoProduction Collective home page, with the words 'Co-producing change together' above our mission, alongside an illustration of hands in the air.

A screenshot of the new homepage


So what is actually on our website? Well, amongst other things, you will find:

  • An introduction to who we are and what we do
  • A Learning and Resources section, including a brand new report celebrating the amazing work of our co-production pilot projects
  • An events page, where you can register for upcoming sessions

And much more!

A new home for our blogs

The new website also means we have a new home for our blogs and news updates, so they won’t be published here on the UCL site any more. However, our archive of previous posts will remain right here and we’re still part of the wider UCL Engagement team, so we’re not going too far!

We hope you’ll join us at www.CoProductionCollective.co.uk – see you there!

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