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And our new name is… Co-Production Collective!

By Niccola, on 26 October 2020

Have you noticed anything different with the UCL Centre for Co-production? I’ll give you a clue…. we have a new name!! Exciting times! As you may have already seen we are now [drumroll please] Co-production Collective. We revealed our new co-produced name and identity as part of our official Launch event on 22 October 2020.

This is our new logo, we hope you like it? It represents what we believe co-production stands for: it shows four people sat around a table, connecting and demonstrating the power of people collectively working together.

A logo with 4 colour circles and the words - Co-Production Collective

The brand new Co-Production Collective logo

Soon we will be sharing our ‘Direction for 2020-22’. This is our co-produced strategy for the future, which includes our vision, mission and core values plus ‘Our Ambitions’ for the next 2 years. In the meantime though, please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in exploring how you might be able to get involved in the work we’re doing or if you would like to collaborate on something. It doesn’t matter whether you are coming along as an individual or are part of an organisation, whether you have lots or limited time and energy to offer, have money available or are looking for funding – we really want to encourage everyone and anyone to get involved with us if you’re interested, no matter your situation.

This diagram shows just a few ways we think we could collaborate, please let us know if you think of others, we’re keen to hear your thoughts.

A slide showing a circle that says 'Join us to...' with 5 other circles around that say - publish, learn, co-produce, connect,

A diagram of how you might want to get involved in working together

Publish with us
Write for our blog or explore publishing with us in different ways, whether written articles for journals or magazines, or through other media like podcasts. We want our stories and our messages to reflect the diversity of the people involved in co-production and to reach audiences across different places, sectors and communities.

Partner with us
We are keen to work on large scale research, service delivery or programme development projects and apply for funding together – the culture change we can create by working in partnership is greater than any of us can achieve alone. But, of course, we will do our very best to offer quick advice on smaller scale activity and/or draw on broader community insight to help you.

Learn with us
Commission training from us – we can do this both in terms of academic courses and organisational or community training, or it could be for leadership teams, steering groups, or any other interested group.

Co-produce with us
Join a session or get involved offline- everyone is welcome! We have a few opportunities coming up:

  • Co-producing our payment and decision-making policies
    Online/offline options – early November
  • Co-producing our website
    Zoom – Tuesday 17 November 14:00-16:00 UK time
  • Join our Co-production Network
    More sessions coming soon!

Sign up for our newsletter or email us at coproduction@ucl.ac.uk to register or find out more.

Connect with us
Please join our network if you haven’t already – it is a space to come together and meet others interested in co-production, learn from each other, share opportunities and develop relationships. You could also help us connect with others and them with us – our strength is in our relationships, so please help us start new conversations with individuals, communities, networks and organisations where you live, whether across the UK or further afield. Email us at coproduction@ucl.ac.uk to find out how to join and follow us on Twitter (Instagram coming soon) for the latest news.

We look forward to hopefully working together in the near future. Please feel free to get in touch with us by emailing coproduction@ucl.ac.uk if you have any questions at all.

Thank you!



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