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Opportunities to get involved in co-producing with us!

By Niccola, on 19 July 2020

Niccola from the Centre for Co-production reflects on the last 3 years’ work by the Centre co-producers and outlines what we still need to do in time for the Centre launch at the end of October 2020.

Launch day for the Centre for Co-production is fast approaching! I hope you have 22 October in your diary? It’s a momentous day for the Centre… after almost exactly 3 years hard work by us all, we will finally be launching the Centre as an actual thing! I don’t mean an actual physical space, we haven’t quite got to this yet but… we will officially come into being and start to offer out our services to support those wanting to co-produce.

A row of cupcakes with mint green icing and multi coloured sprinkles

Time for cake? (Image credit: Brooke Lark, Unsplash)

It’s been quite a journey since October 2017 – it has been hard work to get to where we are now but we have achieved a lot and have had so much fun along the way! Our Miro board where we have been working together to co-create our strategy clearly demonstrates the amount that we have achieved to date. However, there are still a few things that we need to get sorted before launch date. Read on to find out more. and how you can get involved.

Opportunities to get involved

Have a read below, see what interests you, and find out how to get involved as we gear up in time for the Centre launch in October.

If you would like to know what our sessions are like please have a read of our blog about a recent virtual co-creation session.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

Co-creation sessions via video call

• Co-creating our strategy part 3: Making our mind up! – Tuesday 28 July 14:00-16:00
• Co-creating our name/logo/brand – Wednesday 26 August 14:00-16:00
• Co-creating our website – Tuesday 1 September 14:00-16:00 (this is session 1 of a few, other dates to follow later in the year)

Other ways of getting involved in co-creating the Centre
We are aware that video calls will not work for everyone so we make sure that we share what we are working on as a community in a variety of ways. At the moment we use phone calls, Google docs, or printed and posted papers, but we’re open to using other methods. Please get in touch and let us know what works best for you.

Input into the following pieces of work outside of video calls – opportunity available from 18 September – 30 September 2020. Feel free to get involved in looking at as many or as few as you like of these documents – just let us know what appeals. We will be sharing the relevant documents with you all in due course.

  • Co-creation of our name/logo/brand
  • Co-creation of our website
  • Co-creation of our governance structure (i.e. the way we set up the Centre and how we make decisions) including policy for payment of co-producers
  • Co-creation of our fundraising plans
  • Co-creation of a summary of our training package

Other video call sessions

• Join the planning team for the Centre Launch event (22 October) – meeting dates TBC

• Read applications and be part of the team interviewing organisations or individuals wanting to help us co-create our name/logo/brand and website – Monday 10 August, times slots TBC.
If you are interested and would like further information please have a read of the Invitation to Tender document (see the section below titled ‘Wanted! A design agency or individual graphic designer/web designer’).

Lots of raised hands with 'Get involved' written over the top

Get involved! (Image credit: shakerdems.org)

How do I sign up to get involved?

To sign up to join us for any of the opportunities outlined above please email Rory at coproduction@ucl.ac.uk letting her know what you are interested in.

Payment for taking part in co-creation sessions

If you are joining one of our co-creation sessions as a member of the public and would like to receive payment for your time and contribution, please get in touch and we can discuss options with you and will then get you set up so that you can be paid. We can also offer support with paying for phone minutes, landline call charges or phone data in order to take part in conference or video calls – let us know what you need.

Security and accessibility

We know this can be a worry with online meetings, but we’ve checked with those in the know to ensure that that our Zoom login settings are safe and secure. We’ve also made sure that we have a live transcription tool in place for those that would like it to support their participation. In addition, Zoom has several other accessibility features in place as standard.

However, if you have any questions or concerns please just ask. We hope to see you at a session soon!

Wanted! A design agency or individual graphic designer/web designer

Red and white sign that says 'Help Wanted'

Help wanted! (Image credit: medium.com)

Please have a read of the Invitation to Tender document below – we are currently looking for an organisation or individual to help us to co-create our name/logo/brand and website for the Centre.

If you are interested please get in touch. Or alternatively, if you have a recommendation of someone who you would like to recommend for the work please drop us a line on coproduction@ucl.ac.uk and let us know. The deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday 2 August 2020.

If you’d like a PDF or Word copy of this blog please email Rory at coproduction@ucl.ac.uk and she will happily send this over to you.

2 Responses to “Opportunities to get involved in co-producing with us!”

  • 1
    Yesmin Begum wrote on 16 September 2020:

    Hi, I am Yesmin Begum. I would like to be part of UCL Research. I am presently in my second year at Uni (Uni Of Suffolk) doing a BA in Global Business Management. I do a lot of PPI work, especially with research regarding gynaecology and other medical research work. I enjoy the voluntary work that I do in my community which involve Welfare Advising, Teaching eESOL, Conversation Clubs, online Befriending for the Elderly and Isolated, and many many more things. I have a passion to be helpful and kind to each other and our earth.
    Please, can I sign up?

  • 2
    Niccola wrote on 16 September 2020:

    Hi Yesmin. Thanks so much for getting in touch. You are very welcome to get involved in our sessions! I’ll email you some more info. Thanks and chat soon! Niccola

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