Two tablets drawn as characters with eyes and thought bubbles above them.

Meet Us in Cyberspace!

Chatting about co-production with all of you is always a treat. Thank you for learning with us, sharing what you’ve tried, and joining us in dreaming big! These conversations are at the heart of our UCL Centre for Co-production in Health Research community’s work supporting each other to co-produce, so we’ve been thinking about how we can do even more to keep in touch and spread the word. We know many of you share our passion for welcoming new people into the world of co-production, and we’re excited to find new ways to do this. All this means (drumroll please)… we’re scheming about how the Centre can do better at spreading the word including venturing further into the world of social media!

We want to come hang out with you online, so where can we find you? We’re curious about which platforms you’d like to use to keep in touch with us, get to know other co-producers, and contribute your ideas just as many of you already have through this blog. Would you like seeing articles posted on a Facebook page, be able to find other co-production fans or potential collaborators on LinkedIn, want to scroll through photos of everyone’s co-production projects on Instagram, something else entirely, or all of the above?

To start, we’re testing the waters of social media by launching the Centre’s Twitter account. You can now follow us and say hello @UCL_CoPro – please do as we are currently very short of followers! 🙂 We’ve chosen some of our favourite photos from all the adventures we’ve had so far in developing the centre, and soon we’ll post even more co-production art from our last event. Let us know what you think of the everyone’s Lego /Play Doh artwork! If you’re connected with Niccola on Twitter @Niccola_CPD, we’ll follow you soon! Niccola will continue using her account and tweeting about all things co-production as always, so you can still find her there if you want to keep in touch.

A picture of our new Twitter page @UCL_CoPro

A picture of our new Twitter page @UCL_CoPro

As you may have noticed, we’ve also got a fancy new format for our newsletter! We’re excited to be trying out this newsletter format, and look forward to hearing your feedback. If you’re reading this without having received a newsletter email from us but you’d like to keep hearing our news, please sign up for the newsletter and tell everyone you know who is interested to do the same!

One of our principles to live by as a Centre is ensuring that we are accessible to everyone and inclusive, so please let us know if you have ideas on how we can ensure we are meeting this principle as we find new ways to communicate as a community. If you aren’t such a fan of social media, please know that we’re still here in the real world and reachable in all our usual ways! If you want to say hello or plan a time to chat you can reach out to us by emailing Niccola or me – Susan We’ll also keep posting any key updates on the blog and highlighting them in our (newly beautified) newsletter.

We’d love to hear about your favourite ways to keep in touch on social media and anything you think we should keep in mind as we start scheming about this. You can share your ideas by commenting below, emailing Niccola or me – Susan, or now by tweeting to @UCL_CoPro. Maybe we’ll even try out a Twitter poll soon! See you in cyberspace 😉