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SuperdiverseUCL: Meet Nellia Kornilova, podcast guest and PsychUP for Wellbeing Advisory Board member

By Blog editor, on 26 January 2022

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Nellia Kornilova – World Englishes: Accents and Globalisation

This episode features Nellia Kornilova, a third year BA student studying European and International Social and Political Studies at UCL, International Officer at Students’ Union UCL and co-founder of the multidisciplinary blog The Gazetta. Nellia is also a member of the PsychUP for Wellbeing Advisory Board and is part of the Services and Pathways working group.

In this episode, Nellia discusses multilingualism, learning English, and the unique interaction between accents and identity. She also draws on her experience as an International Officer and voices the concerns of international students, whilst providing her own heart-warming perspectives.

You can also catch this episode on SuperdiverseUCL’s website or SoundCloud.

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