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Archive for December, 2017

Wellcome Trust funding for UCL Division of Psychiatry Qualitative Researchers Working Group seminars and symposium

By Jake Fairnie, on 23 December 2017

On behalf of the UCL Qualitative Health Research Network, we are delighted to announce that the Wellcome Trust is funding our next 18-month programme of seminars and our 4th biennial symposium.  This programme, entitled “Crafting qualitative health research for the future,” is on the broad theme of “change” and will interrogate the conceptual and methodological problems it poses to qualitative approaches in health research.  We are especially interested in exploring the roles that qualitative researchers can take in supporting healthcare communities to anticipate and negotiate the social consequences of changing populations, global austerity, rapid technological advances, personalised medicine, and on-going demands for more patient involvement as well as the related tensions between in-depth qualitative work and timely dissemination of findings.  We look forward to engaging in this exciting programme of work.  For updates please see our Qualitative Researchers Working Group page and visit QHRN.