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Archive for September, 2016

UCL Psychiatry’s Naaheed Mukadam interviewed on TRT World

By Jake Fairnie, on 28 September 2016

UCL Psychiatry’s Naaheed Mukadam was interviewed on TRT World for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month earlier this week. Watch it here (Naaheed’s section starts 6 minutes 46 seconds in):



Experience does not necessarily make clinicians better at predicting survival

By Jake Fairnie, on 16 September 2016

Clinicians ImageResearch from the UCL Psychiatry Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department has been reported on the front page of The Times, as well as by The Daily Telegraph and The Sun.

The study reveals that clinicians’ estimates are frequently inaccurate with a tendency to over-estimate rather than under-estimate survival.